Perks of Being in a Long Term Relationship

Long term relationships are hard to make last in this generation. Being single is constantly being promoted in music, movies, and TV. I can think of at least 10 songs that celebrate not needing a man (which we don’t!), or rap songs that talk about hooking up with 3 people a night. But is being in a LTR that frowned upon? I definitely don’t think so.

Always having that support system. Let’s face it- It’s easy to get down on ourselves. Fighting with friends, hating our jobs, and struggling to make it to the gym- these are all things that get me down. But having that one person you know will always be there for you is an incredible feeling. I love being part of a team, knowing that someone has my back no matter the situation. 

Getting past the “I’m afraid to lose you” stage. In the beginning of a relationship, its easy to walk on egg shells around each other. You don’t know the person THAT well and you have yet to discover what makes them tick. One small fight and you are crying in your bedroom indulging in a pint of chocolate ice cream preparing for the break up. In a long term relationship, one fight isn’t going to destroy you. You both know each other like the back of your hands and you’re not afraid to speak your mind. You’ve invested too much time into each other to throw it all away and a fight is just simply a fight- then you move past it. 

Feeling comfortable. A lot of people talk about feeling so comfortable you can let out that loud burp without feeling embarrassed- which is true. But I’m talking about feeling comfortable to be your true self. Sometimes, around people I don’t really know that well, I’m a different person. I’m shy and don’t feel comfortable voicing my opinions and concerns. But in front of my boyfriend, I can go from my needy phase to my bitch mode to my chill girl friend stage. I can be my true self without being judged.

Stability. In your twenties, barely anything remains constant. Jobs change, friends grow apart, even our bodies fluctuate. In this ever changing world, it is amazing to have that one constant- the one thing that isn’t changing and will always be there to keep you stable. 

Not having to worry about the stranger you hooked up with last night. A lot of my girlfriends find themselves hooking up with guys they meet at bars. Sometimes they are too drunk to remember to use protection and then they are faced with having to get tested- not to mention all the worry that comes along with it. They have no idea who this guy is and if they will ever see him again. They don’t remember if he was even good looking or if he was a total weirdo still living at home with his parents! It’s so much easier bypassing this stage and going home to the person you know and love.

If you are in a long term relationship- celebrate it! 


My favorite APPS (no, not appetizers)


Timehop. This is the greatest app ever because it allows you to relive embarrassing moments from your youth. Nobody ever uses Facebook anymore, right? Well, this app will remind you why you stopped. From humiliating statuses to strange pictures you posted- you will be reminded of them all. Timehop actually shows you what exactly you posted on all social media applications a year ago, two years ago, three, four, etc. on this exact date (if that makes sense).



My Pill. This app is for all of us ladies on the birth control pill. I don’t know about you guys, but I can never remember to take my pill and I’m constantly taking it seven hours after the fact. This app notifies you every day at a specific time when to take your pill. It also keeps track of the days you’ve missed your pill and when you are ovulating or getting your period. As if keeping up with work, our social lives, and our relationships isn’t enough, keeping up with our birth control is extremely important.



Pump Up . This is the best app for those of us that hate the gym or can never get ourselves out of bed to go. Pump Up allows you to work out in your home and customize the workout. For example, you list what supplies you have i.e treadmill, dumbbells, then you list how long you want the workout to be, what part of the body you want to work out, etc. and it builds a workout for you! It also calculates how long you should be breaking in between reps. It’s awesome- and free! I can barely afford paying off my student loans, I’m not about to spend $10 dollars on an app.


Instafollow . Oh man. This one will get your blood boiling. This app lets you know who unfollows you on Instagram, who has blocked you, and who you’re following that isn’t following you back. I’ve lost friendships over this one. In this social media world we live in, it doesn’t surprise me that this is one of the most frequently downloaded apps (at least amongst people I know).


Heads Up. This is the only app I’ve paid for. What a useful 99 cents. This is the most fun game, ever. Okay, maybe I’m exaggerating but I really love it. There are different categories to choose from like movies, celebrities, music, etc. The best categories are “Act it Out” where you have to act out falling in love or painting a picture, and “Accents” where you have to speak in an accent like New Jersian or Surfer Dude. Anyway, I forgot to say someone holds the phone on their heads and can’t see what is on their forehead (obviously), while the other gives clues in order to help them solve what’s on their head. It’s great to pass time with friends.



Around Me. This app lets you know what bars, movie theaters, restaurants, gas stations, banks, etc. are literally around you. When I’m in a town I’m not familiar with and want coffee, for example, I click the button and it tells me the directions to the nearest coffee shop. This app is extremely important for all of the direction challenged millennials. We are constantly traveling for work or just with friends, so knowing where to find what we need is vital.


So that’s that. Those are my favorite apps that I suggest you all download 🙂