Perks of Being in a Long Term Relationship

Long term relationships are hard to make last in this generation. Being single is constantly being promoted in music, movies, and TV. I can think of at least 10 songs that celebrate not needing a man (which we don’t!), or rap songs that talk about hooking up with 3 people a night. But is being in a LTR that frowned upon? I definitely don’t think so.

Always having that support system. Let’s face it- It’s easy to get down on ourselves. Fighting with friends, hating our jobs, and struggling to make it to the gym- these are all things that get me down. But having that one person you know will always be there for you is an incredible feeling. I love being part of a team, knowing that someone has my back no matter the situation. 

Getting past the “I’m afraid to lose you” stage. In the beginning of a relationship, its easy to walk on egg shells around each other. You don’t know the person THAT well and you have yet to discover what makes them tick. One small fight and you are crying in your bedroom indulging in a pint of chocolate ice cream preparing for the break up. In a long term relationship, one fight isn’t going to destroy you. You both know each other like the back of your hands and you’re not afraid to speak your mind. You’ve invested too much time into each other to throw it all away and a fight is just simply a fight- then you move past it. 

Feeling comfortable. A lot of people talk about feeling so comfortable you can let out that loud burp without feeling embarrassed- which is true. But I’m talking about feeling comfortable to be your true self. Sometimes, around people I don’t really know that well, I’m a different person. I’m shy and don’t feel comfortable voicing my opinions and concerns. But in front of my boyfriend, I can go from my needy phase to my bitch mode to my chill girl friend stage. I can be my true self without being judged.

Stability. In your twenties, barely anything remains constant. Jobs change, friends grow apart, even our bodies fluctuate. In this ever changing world, it is amazing to have that one constant- the one thing that isn’t changing and will always be there to keep you stable. 

Not having to worry about the stranger you hooked up with last night. A lot of my girlfriends find themselves hooking up with guys they meet at bars. Sometimes they are too drunk to remember to use protection and then they are faced with having to get tested- not to mention all the worry that comes along with it. They have no idea who this guy is and if they will ever see him again. They don’t remember if he was even good looking or if he was a total weirdo still living at home with his parents! It’s so much easier bypassing this stage and going home to the person you know and love.

If you are in a long term relationship- celebrate it! 

1 Year Later….

Hi everyone. So my dreams of regularly writing in this blog died with my post-graduate career. It’s one year later and I’m still not sure what the hell I have accomplished so I’ll make a list (because that’s what I’m best at doing).


1. Getting a real life job.
During the summer I worked at a restaurant and absolutely hated it. This pushed me to apply to hundreds of PR companies in order to get the hell out of there. Well my plan backfired because I quit the restaurant and never found a job. So I just decided to chill for a while…until I wanted to blow my brains out due to severe boredom. So I took a couple of babysitting jobs and have been “nannying” since.

2. Becoming a movie star.
You would think with all this free time on my hands I would be more serious about pursuing my lifelong dream as an actress. But nope. I screwed that one up and now I’m another year older with nothing to show for it.

3. Traveling the world.
Ok well I did go to Ireland this November with my boyfriend (my first time ever in Europe!) and visit The Dominican Republic in April with my girlfriends, but I wouldn’t call this traveling the world. Everyone agrees that it is socially acceptable to take a year off after graduating college in order to see what’s out there! Backpacking through Europe, staying in numerous B&Bs, meeting beautiful people that don’t speak English.. Too bad my year has just expired and I did none of this. Ok at this rate I am feeling worse than ever about myself so I guess I should move onto my minuscule accomplishments.


1. SOMEWHAT getting my acting career started.
Well I did book a role in a television pilot with the hopes that it will become something. The director plans to submit it to festivals, major networks, and online content (like Hulu or Netflix). We just shot it last week. It was actually really fun. I also shot a student film a couple of months ago. It was nothing special but a great way for me to gain experience on my first “real shoot” ever. This weekend I’m shooting a horror film! It should be really cool but I definitely need to practice my blood curdling shrieks. Over the last few months I also shot educational videos for “E-Textbooks” that will be distributed amongst college campuses. So yeah, maybe I actually have done SOMETHING..although it’s not all I’ve hoped to accomplish this past year. It is so easy to fall into a pattern of laziness with the intent of “handling it tomorrow.” Why put off until tomorrow what you can do today?

2. Joining a gym!!
Yes this is one of my proudest accomplishments. About two years ago I joined a gym and spent all this money just to realize it was the biggest mistake since I never went. Well this time around I did not have that problem. I’ve been regularly going to Push Fitness and loving every minute of it. Seeing results is the best feeling ever and actually knowing how to use the machines is an accomplishment for me too! When I first joined I was nervous to even attempt an exercise, especially in front of guys, but now that I know what I’m doing it’s amazing. My goal is to build muscle so I’m not weaker than a 3 year old child anymore.

Well sadly it seems I only have 2 major accomplishments this year. Before this makes me cry and want to listen to sad songs about wasting away my life I’m going to stop this post. Thanks for reading everyone! I plan to keep this blog going and I’m open to all suggestions for topics 🙂

Graduation Crisis

So I graduate college in one week. I’m freaking out as my life seems to spiral out of control. Is it a possibility that I am approaching my quarter life crisis? Oh god, I hope not. It’s terrifying that I’ve begun applying for full-time jobs. At first I was skeptical, but now I’m pretty excited and ready to get my life on the road. All I ask is to work at a fun, easy-going company. Like I’ve previously stated, I just don’t want to be miserable. 

Anyway, what does one do immediately after they graduate college? I want to go on a vacation, but have no one to go with. My friends and I are all broke so we’ll probably be stuck going back to Atlantic City. Don’t get me wrong, I love AC, but I was thinking somewhere more tropical with palm trees and a crystal clear water beach. The Atlantic ocean just won’t cut it. I’ll probably spend the next two weeks on TripAdvisor checking out cheap all-inclusives that I know I won’t be attending. I find it fun (sort of). 

Another weird thing about graduating are graduation parties. I mean, yes they’re fun and all, but what does one buy their friend as a gift? Bottles of wine or Jameson are getting old, relatives usually give jewelry, and money is just not very personal. And since I’m not having a graduation party, although I am graduating, does this mean I won’t get any presents?! This whole concept throws me off.

Well, I have my final final tomorrow (haha) and then I’m home free! Catch up with you guys soon.

Best apps (no, not appetizers)




  • Timehop -> This is the greatest app ever because it allows you to relive embarrassing moments from your youth. Nobody ever uses Facebook anymore, right? Well, this app will remind you why you stopped. From humiliating statuses to strange pictures you posted- you will be reminded of them all. Timehop actually shows you what exactly you posted on all social media applications a year ago, two years ago, three, four, etc. on this exact date (if that makes sense). For example, on this date (April 16th), three years ago today I posted,

“I be going ham a step up from bologna!!!!!”

Yes, that is real. Four years ago today I posted,

“Thatttttts right I’m doinnn me”

Here’s me from 3 years ago today. Why do I think I’m in Fast and Furious?  Image

I also love the little dinosaur associated with this app. He’s the man. Moving on…


  • My Pill -> This app is for all us ladies on the birth control pill. I don’t know about you guys, but I can never remember to take my pill and I’m constantly taking it seven hours after the fact. This app notifies you every day at a specific time when to take your pill. It also keeps track of the days you’ve missed your pill and when you are ovulating or getting your period. As if keeping up with work, our social lives, and our relationships isn’t enough, keeping up with our birth control is extremely important.



  • Pump Up -> This is the best app for those of us that hate the gym or can never get ourselves out of bed to go. Pump Up allows you to work out in your home and customize the workout. For example, you list what supplies you have i.e treadmill, dumbbells, then you list how long you want the workout to be, what part of the body you want to work out, etc. and it builds a workout for you! It also calculates how long you should be breaking in between reps. It’s awesome- and free! I can barely afford paying off my student loans, I’m not about to spend $10 dollars on an app. 


  • Instafollow -> Oh man. This one will get your blood boiling. This app lets you know who unfollows you on Instagram, who has blocked you, and who you’re following that isn’t following you back. I’ve lost friendships over this one. In this social media world that we live in it doesn’t surprise me this is one of the most frequently downloaded apps (at least amongst people I know). 


  • Heads Up -> This is the only app I’ve paid for. What a useful 99 cents. This is the most fun game, ever. Okay, maybe I’m exaggerating but I really love it. There are different categories to choose from like movies, celebrities, music, etc. The best categories are “Act it Out” where you have to act out falling in love or painting a picture, and “Accents” where you have to speak in an accent like New Jersian or Surfer Dude. Anyway, I forgot to say someone holds the phone on their heads and can’t see what is on their forehead (obviously), while the other gives clues in order to help them solve what’s on their head. It’s great to pass time with friends.



  • Around Me -> This app lets you know what bars, movie theaters, restaurants, gas stations, banks, etc. are literally around you. When I’m in a town I’m not familiar with and want coffee, for example, I click the button and it tells me the directions to the nearest coffee shop. This app is extremely important for all of the direction-challenged millennials. We are constantly traveling for work or just with friends, so knowing where to find what we need is vital. 


So that’s that. Those are my favorite apps that I suggest you all download 🙂

Ola again

While I bore myself to death at my babysitting job, I decided to write another post. Yes, I am a babysitter and yes this is my only form of income. I really hit the lottery because this family is awesome- so I can’t complain. Tonight I’m going to the last Knicks game of the season because they didn’t make the playoffs. Carmelo Anthony carries the team and is 100% leaving the Knicks next season. I don’t know how I ever hated basketball. It’s indoors (perfect for me because I’m always cold), there’s a timer (unlike baseball that can go on and on for 6 hours), and I get to go to MSG which is always a fun time.

I live in Queens which is not too far of a train ride to Manhattan (approximately 25 minutes). Although I technically live in the greatest city in the world, I try to avoid Manhattan at all costs. When I interned last semester I had to commute there three times a week- and those three times a week killed me. The subway sucks and is filled with weirdos. Waking up when it’s still dark out isn’t fun either. Anyway, about once a month I’ll head to Midtown with friends and get drunk at some of the bars. I love dancing, but I’m not into most Manhattan clubs. For a special occasion- yes, but not every weekend. The meatpacking district clubs will leave you waiting in line for hours, paying a $30 cover charge, and dropping $14 for one drink. Sorry, but I’m not into that. I’d rather go to a rooftop bar with a dance floor and decently priced drinks. Another reason I’m not that into the city is because the Long Island Rail Road time schedule sucks. In order to get home, the only trains available are the 1:19 AM and the 3:19 AM. Nothing in between. After that you’re stuck going home on the 5:04 AM. Clearly, 1 AM is too early to leave when you probably got there around 11 and 3 AM sucks too because most of time you’re over the club at 2ish. Therefore, I usually split a cab home with friends which isn’t that bad. But still. Making a bunch of stops does get pricy so we usually get dropped off at the strip of bars in our neighborhood. Then, I pop in for a drink or two late night and end up taking another cab home! Whatever, I seem to be complaining a lot.

As I sit here watching the Chew, which I will never understand because they gossip about celebrities when it’s supposed to be a cooking show.. I am procrastinating my homework. I’m not sure where I want this blog to take me or in what direction I want it to go in. Should I talk about fashion, food, travel, make-up, partying? I barely know how to do my own make-up compared to some of my friends who are gurus. Fashion-wise, I hate jeans and I constantly wear leggings. I will never be the type of girl that asks for Loubs for Christmas or a Fendi bag for my birthday. I’m just not into it. I would rather buy a cute bag from Aldo or Express and not have to worry about it getting dirty since it wasn’t 700$. Travel? I’ve been to Mexico, Bahamas, and Florida a number of times. I’ve had the privilege of visiting Hawaii twice (once with family and once for my Senior high school trip). I love Disney World and Atlantis in the Bahamas. They must be my two favorite places ever. I guess I can’t really write a travel blog because I haven’t been to Europe, Africa, Australia or anywhere else that seems cool. Food. I have a wonderful relationship with food. I have a very fast metabolism so I’m pretty much able to eat anything I want. I have started working out recently though, because I’m developing a gut. I’m also weaker than a toddler. It’s embarrassing. I also suck at every sport- besides mini golf (if that counts? Probably not). I love celebrity gossip and always know what is going on in the pop culture world. So maybe I’ll make this blog something about that.

Here’s me in Atlantis since I was talking about it. Maybe I’ll write a post promoting this place soon because it truly is amazing.


Toodles 🙂

Greetings, earthlings

I’d like to think of myself as a kind, happy, and fun-loving person. I love making new friends, partying on the weekends, and grabbing lunch with my girlfriends. But, we all know that deep down each one of us has a not-so-great side. I hold onto grudges for way too long (I’m talking years), I don’t always keep secrets, and I’ve had my fair share of shit talk- I mean gossip sessions. I am no where near as independent as I should be. I can’t cook, I don’t do my own laundry, and I hate being home alone. I rely on my parents way too much and I am overly attached to my boyfriend of over five years.

I am graduating college this May with a Bachelor’s degree in Media Studies. I have yet to begin applying for jobs. I don’t even know what I want to do, why I chose this major, or much about it. Shocking, I know. Why should I waste my time dragging myself to work every morning if I can’t even enjoy my career? What if I am in the wrong field or choose the wrong company to work for? All I ask is to KNOW. Why can’t I be one of those people that pop out of the womb knowing they want to be a doctor, accountant, or teacher? Those people freak me out anyway. I’d rather have dreams and nearly impossible, unachievable goals- for example being a movie star. I’ve been taking acting classes for a scattered couple of years. I am actually trying to make something of myself so I don’t get stuck in an office 9-5 PM. There is nothing wrong with that at all, I just don’t think its for me personally. I want to be in front of the camera, portraying different characters, and make loads of money. I think that would be a great way to pay my parents back for all they’ve given me.

Anyway, I’m off to a sushi making and sake tasting class. I hope you all can relate to what I’m going through and enjoy my blog 🙂

If I could tell my 21-year-old self to relax and stop worrying about the future- I would.